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Torben intimidated by ICE officer

Update from Torben Sondergaard.

Greetings to all of you in the name of Jesus Christ.

Welcome to this update, where I will share different important things that are happening right now.

I, right now, have been locked up here in Bakers County Detention Center, because of lies from my enemies, enemies of the Gospel, for almost one year, three hundred and fifty-five days to be exact. Almost one year!

This is very emotional to think of, one year. In two weeks, my daughter Stephanie will be having her birthday again, and if I’m not out there, this is the second birthday of hers I will miss because I am in jail. It is really hard to think of, that it’s one year. It’s really hard for my family right now.

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But we also see that God is helping them. My youngest daughter Simone wrote this beautiful post, this Sunday, on Father’s Day, on Facebook. She wrote this:

“Happy Father’s Day to my awesome Dad!! So proud of you! Love you, Dad! I miss you! I wish you are here with us. But God is in control! And He will do awesome things soon! So excited to give you a big hug after almost a year of you being gone! I love you, Dad! Thank you for raising me up with love and with me living this life for God. Thank you for being a great role model for me. You and mom. For you two giving up so much to live this life for God. I am excited to see you soon! From your youngest daughter, Simone.”

It’s just a beautiful post, and very emotional for me to think of, that I’m here and not out there. But many things are happening right now. The spiritual war is on, and I feel it. This last week has in many ways been really scary to us. I had some episodes that have really shocked me in a way that I was shaking all over my body afterwards.

But first I want to share what happened yesterday. Yesterday, I sat here with two of the inmates, and then they suddenly started to say that they were thanking God, thanking God for bringing me here, and thanking me for being here, and they felt honored that I was here with them, and that it has just helped everyone here, and they were very thankful for it.

It was just special. Every Sunday, we have church here, and I do an info meeting at the same time for everyone that’s new, and I welcome everyone who is new here, and tell a little about the rules, and how things work, and really try to encourage people because it is very hard to be here, so I try to really encourage people to get the best out of it, and how they should use this time to find God.

I’m the prisoner who has been here longest. I have actually been here almost a year, but the next longest besides me has been here five months, because most people here in my dorm are leaving in three or four months. Many are being released on a bond, but not me. I am “too dangerous” according to ICE, so I’m here without the option of a bond, and I’ve now been here twice as long as anyone else.

It’s just crazy, but that’s why I am very unique in this setting, and many prisoners sort of look up to me.

They were thankful to God, and were thankful for bringing me here, as I’ve given so much to everyone, and it brings hope to them. One of them then said that he also feels he was ready to want to be baptized and follow Christ, so we had a talk about that.

So, I want to say that many things are happening in here, and things I’m thankful for. I have now actually written two books. One is a testimony about this crazy journey, and everything God has done in here and revealed to me. The other one is teaching. It’s a teaching book with the things He has revealed.
That book is actually two hundred pages, hand-written, and this is without all the Bible verses, where I just write the verse reference, but I don’t write the text. So, it’s almost two hundred and eighty pages all in all, which will be about five hundred pages in a book, so this is going to be a huge book!

But there’s so much I want to share with you, when it’s all over, that God has truly revealed a lot of things to me. But I also really hope it’s soon over, because it is hard. It is very hard these days, and especially for my family, and also to think of, that I’ve been here for almost one year, and then what happened last week makes it so much more difficult right now.


Last week, I had a very shocking experience. My ICE officer came in to serve me some papers, and said I needed to sign it. It was papers that I should provide different things, and if I don’t provide it, some documents and so on, I could get fined, but also could be criminally charged and go to prison from four years or actually up to ten years. There were a lot of things I did not understand in the documents, so I was like, “Ok, I need to show this to my lawyer,” but he was like, “No! You need to sign right now.” And then I said, “No, no, my lawyer has said to me I should not sign anything without him seeing it first.”

“No, you sign now, and then we send a copy to your lawyer afterwards.” And I was like, “No. Can you not send a copy to my lawyer first, and then he can let me know if I should sign?”

“No, you sign, and then we send it to your lawyer.” And he was very, very intimidating to be honest, and very pushy. And I said, “No, I cannot sign before I talk with my lawyer.”

“So, you refuse to sign!” he said, and I said, “No, I don’t refuse to sign, I just need to talk with my lawyer first. I have a right to legal counsel and need to understand what I’m signing.” And he was just angry, and then he leD.

So, I then got a copy, and got it mailed to my lawyer. But then the ICE officer came back the day after, and the day after again, and before I’d had a chance to talk with my lawyer, he had been there three times, intimidating me and pressuring me to sign. He was really angry and irritated that I wanted to speak to my lawyer first, and that he could not get me to sign this document. Previously he told me that he was giving orders not to speak to my attorneys, which was very strange and concerning. Why would ICE officers be ordered not to speak with my attorneys?

It was a really scary moment, where I felt very threatened. The other people in my dorm came to me afterward, like, “What is happening here, Torben?” They had never seen an ICE officer act like this before, so something’s going on in this place, and I’m locked up by those people. And actually, it is scary, to be honest, especially when I know a little more of who’s behind the lies, because we now know that.

Revealing episodes

On our YouTube channel, we gave out episode 3 of the documentary called REVEALING a few weeks ago, and that was a heart-breaking episode, where we actually reveal who is behind the lies. If you have not seen that documentary, you need to see it, because here we reveal how it’s all connected back to Denmark.

The same people, who four years ago, used the media in Denmark to spread a lot of lies, who influenced the government, who made the law to come after me, yes the same people are now actively involved in America. So, I fled Denmark to avoid going to jail, and ended up coming to America and going to jail here, where I’ve now been locked up for one year.

Four years ago when I came to America, the same people were already in contact with immigration, and through their lies, they actually at that time cancelled my traveling papers, so according to their system I have overstayed, but that’s a lie.

They have also been in contact with the guy, Paul May, who we’ve already spoken about before, who did a YouTube channel, and who was in communication with ICE here, and it’s all connected back to Denmark, and the people in Europe you see in the documentary.

And it’s really scary to be honest, because when I first arrived in America, one of the guys you see in the documentary, he actually wrote to me. He wrote that he was happy I came to America, because here he would finally be able to destroy me. Later, he wrote that I would now go to jail, as he has contacts in Washington. Yes, he wrote that to me two or three years ago. This is special to think of now, because he was right. He was able to get me to jail. But he has not been able to destroy me, and he will not be, because God is faithful and I believe that.

But this is the war we are in. Have you not seen the documentary? You really need to see it and share it. We put a link in, together with this update here, because there is so much in that documentary that has been revealed.

Wake up! We are in a war

It is really time for us to wake up and understand that we are in a war. I think you all out there feel a change is happening in the world, the last few years especially. There have been so many lies, so much manipulation in the media, and war, and politics, there’s division all over. There’s a war going on right now, and most people feel it. And this is the same war I’m standing in, in here. We as a church need to wake up and stand together in this, because I’m just one of the first ones who are experiencing it at this level. A few weeks ago somebody sent me a dream, and I want to share the dream with you here:

“I had a dream I saw Torben released. He was dressed in white. There was a large gathering taking place to celebrate. I saw people planning and getting things ready for the gathering event. I also saw some going through the same thing Torben went through, being placed in the same jail facility (not specifically the one in Florida). Torben was prepping those who were being locked up… getting them ready for what they would have to endure. The wider Body of Christ was coming together to support the family of those who were being thrown in jail.”

So, I really hope that this will speak to all of us, that we would be able, as God’s people, to come together, because as I said, this kind of persecution is new for us in the western world. But it’s just the beginning, as the hate against God’s people is rising more and more, and the lies are getting more and more evil. This is just the reality, but I want to say that God is faithful, and God is in control. I’ve learned so much from this, and I know that God has allowed this to happen also so I would be able to help and encourage you, as the dream said, so that you will know how to face this kind of persecution.

But right now, the war is on in here, and it is troubling, and I really don’t know what will happen. Every day, the door can open and something new and shocking could happen, and it is stressful. I know the next days and weeks are critical in my case right now, because the lies from the people in Denmark, and Europe, and the contacts they have here, have all put me in a very difficult place. So, we need your prayers, and we need your help to spread the word. Make people aware of this. See the documentary and share it. I really believe that can help a lot, so people can wake up to this.

Support us

But also, we need more funding. We have multiple legal teams fighting for my rights both with ICE and at the level of the federal government. We really need more funds as this fight is just getting bigger and bigger, so we need help there. I know many have already given, but I encourage you to give again, and maybe there are churches out there, or organizations, or business people who can give to this. This is not about me. Its about something so much bigger. And the legal motions and arguments are setting a precedent that the persecuted believers may benefit from in the future. So any support would really help us a lot, as churches, organizations and business people also stand together with us in all of this.

You can give here, and get the tax benefits if you live in the USA.

Yes, I trust God, that He will provide, but still God is using people, and I say this because maybe God wants to use you, so maybe ask Him if you should be part of this fight for the Gospel.

As I said, this is what’s bigger than anything I know I’ve ever been in before. This is way bigger than anything I’ve experienced before.

But otherwise I want to say to everyone out there, stay strong. Don’t be afraid. This is real, but God is faithful. I truly hope and believe that this is over soon, but I know that God, He will have His way, so I want to thank you all out there, and say I love you guys, and thank you so much for your love toward me and my family especially. In many ways it’s harder for my family right now than it is for me in here, because they are really feeling it, as it’s been a long time to be without me. So pray for them, pray for my beautiful wife Lene, and our kids and grandkids. Thank you all for your support and prayer, and I hope that I’ll be out very, very soon, and see you all face to face, and share all the amazing things God has revealed to me in here.

Love you! Stay strong! Blessings,

– Torben

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