This page was originally created to raise awareness about the wrongful imprisonment of Torben Sondergaard in 2022-2023. Today it serves as an archive page. Find Torben’s new website on


At 1pmEST this afternoon the immigration court denied Torben’s application for asylum.

Torben’s claim is VERY strong and is well supported by documentary evidence and expert witness testimony. Any judge ruling according to the law would be required to grant the request for asylum.

Surprisingly, the judge’s ruling today was full of factual errors and failed to address the key points of Torben’s defense.

(Further more, for a U.S. immigration Court to establish that a country like Denmark is persecuting a Christian would establish a remarkable precedent that could be seen as averse to U.S.-Danish diplomacy.)

Torben and his attorneys were present for the judges reading of his decision and they will be immediately filling an appeal.

Torben will not be deported anytime soon and this battle is far from over.

Torben has now been unjustly detained 170 days.

He has not been charged with a crime and the decision by ICE officers in Orlando to keep him detained is highly abnormal considering the circumstances.

Torben’s legal team has been able to identify the officer responsible for his unjust detainment and has filed complaints with the proper authorities.

We are confident he will be released very soon while he waits out his appeal.

We will share more information as we can.

Thank you for the continued prayers.

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