This page was originally created to raise awareness about the wrongful imprisonment of Torben Sondergaard in 2022-2023. Today it serves as an archive page. Find Torben’s new website on

Statement of Congressman Clay Higgins about Torben Sondergaard

United States Congressman Clay Higgins raised Torben’s case during a congressional hearing on the Department of Homeland Security.

Congressman Clay Higgins is a member of the US House of Representatives from Louisiana’s third District. He also serves as the chairman of the Border Security and Enforcement Subcommittee. This subcommittee has oversight over ICE.

In the video, we hear him say: “I have a letter to be entered into the record regarding the case of Mr. Torben Søndergaard, who is a legal immigrant from Denmark. He came to our country legally and applied for asylum properly. No criminal charges. He was arrested for overstaying of his visa. He’s been incarcerated and in solitary confinement for over one year. He has been persecuted by this administration and targeted, we believe, because he’s an Evangelical Christian minister. I like to enter this into the record.”

Torben: “This is a great answer of prayer. Since I got detained one year ago, I and many other have been praying that the truth may come out the lies will be revealed and that my name will be cleared for all the false accusations. And this is what is happening now. On the highest level of American government. This makes it clear for everyone that it is because of Jesus and persecution of my faith I am in prison. And not because I have done anything illegal. See this very important video. And understand how big this is. It can not get any bigget this. Please share the video to everyone you know. And let’s pray that it will end up with my release an I will get my papers. It is clear that God is doing something great.”

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