This page was originally created to raise awareness about the wrongful imprisonment of Torben Sondergaard in 2022-2023. Today it serves as an archive page. Find Torben’s new website on

Who are Torben’s persecutors?

This is the third episode in a series exposing the shocking truth around the persecution of Torben Sondergaard, a pastor from Denmark. He is currently imprisoned in Florida. He has been labeled a “threat to national security,” but no formal charges have been filed.

Episode 1 and episode 2 are here. We highly recommend you watch these first.


In this episode, our attention turns toward two specific individuals who have emerged as significant adversaries to Torben and his ministry. Their actions involve coordinating a campaign against Torben and his work both in Denmark and the United States. Upon information and belief, these individuals filed fabricated evidence and exaggerated reports with government agencies while simultaneously issuing threats to people expressing support or empathy towards Torben and TLR.

The first individual is from Denmark and previously worked with Torben’s ministry in a significant role. Over time, he became dissatisfied with the ministry and attempted to undermine it within instead of leaving. When Torben discovered what was going on, he parted ways with the individual in 2016. Subsequently, this individual continued to criticize Torben and The Last Reformation out of personal grievances.

The second individual is from France. He had an extramarital romantic relationship with a woman who later found faith in Jesus and attended Torben’s Bible school. This caused the termination of their relationship in 2016. Since then, the individual has engaged in obsessive stalking behavior towards both the woman and Torben, demonstrating an alarming level of fixation. It is rumored that the individual possesses wealth and purported connections within the European and US government. The names of these individuals have not been made public and the perspective in this episode may cause you to come to certain conclusions regarding these individuals. We have a legal obligation to remind you that the subjects here are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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